My Genesis

I am a former investment banker and distressed debt investor who has ventured into the tech start-up sector. For years I have watched the supposed financial titans of industry pour absurd amounts of other individual's capital into over-valued private companies and initial IPOs.

The lack of financial acumen by the investment banks, venture capital funds, institutional investors, and "expert" financial pundits is finally too much for me to handle.

I don't have a ton of free time. But I will blog about each and every company I come across whose valuation is egregious and disgusts me. My hope is that no retail investor buys into the irrational hype of these companies at absurd valuations. 

This isn't an affront on the companies themselves. It's towards the financial participants who are brain-dead, complicit in their ability to thoughtfully invest, and who are willing to screw over everyone else, just to make a buck.